Sam and I met while we were both living in Glenwood during Winter 2010 semester.  I was helping a mutual friend get ready for a costume dance, and Sam wasn’t doing too well with getting a costume together ;) I’m kind of a pro at that sort of thing, so my roommate and I helped him out.  The next day when he came by to return our stuff, I found myself wanting to get to know him better.
                The month after that was kind of interesting.  Not going to lie, I gave Sam a pretty hard time.  But you have to work for what you want, right?  There were some mistakes on my part, and definitely some indecision.  After a particularly dumb move on my part, I realized that I had messed up big time.  Oh man, if Sam was writing this, he sure could let me have it! Anyway, fortunately he forgave me (after some groveling), and we starting dating.
at april 2010 conference
                We only had just over a month before the end of the semester, and I was planning on going back to Canada for the summer. My sister was having a baby soon and I wanted to be there to see her and her family, my friends, and the rest of my family.  But as I spent more time with Sam, I started thinking about not going back for the full summer; just for half of it.  I was worried for a while about whether or not he would want me to come back early, but he continued to insist that he did.
                One really fun thing we did together while we were dating was go to California with my great former roommates Kelly and Megan. It was super fun!
                It was hard for me to say goodbye, but I knew it was the right thing to do.  When I got back to Canada, I found myself a job and had a blast with my friends and family. I was having a great time and it was nice to be back home. But once Sam and I got our Skype calls going, I started getting totally hooked on him.  That might sound silly, but it was actually really great- we talked a lot and really got to know each other better that way.
oh the pictures i could post… but he has worse of me, so i’ll resist
                After a month and a half of talking on Skype, which had turned into a nightly thing, we agreed that the time apart had been a benefit, but we were super over being apart (especially with how sketchy my internet was. Having a bad connection was torturous). Thus my return to Utah was bumped forward to June 13th from mid July. The closer we got to Utah, the more restless I got. I don’t always show my emotions, but I was pretty beside myself.  I actually screamed a little bit when I saw Sam. It was so, so wonderful to be back with him.  He was (and is) absolutely my best friend!
                Well, that’s about when we made the transition from dating to engaged, so I’ll stop there for now.  Right now I’m sick at home so I’m sure I’ll post again before many people have even seen this post, but maybe next time I’ll do… engagement stories!