I’ve been home sick with mono and other various nasty things, and today is my last (hopefully) day of house arrest.  I had a bit of cabin fever, so when I ran out to Target to spend some wedding gift money on groceries, I also got a few other things to work on!
                First off, I got some of our wedding pictures printed!  We got this awesome frame set, picture of the Mt. Timpanogos temple, and the ‘family’ plaque  as wedding presents, and I think they fill up the wall perfectly! So now we have our great wall art up!
                So we found these couches on craigslist for suuuper cheap- but they are suuuper ugly.  They’re also a weird oversized shape, so you can’t really find slipcovers to fit them. But our solution is cheaper, anyway; we got some flat sheets and today I sewed them together to cover the couches ourselves. We also had a sweet post-registry discount at Target and I found crazy inexpensive pillows. So there’s one more apartment thing taken care of!
                Somehow I have acquired a large number of headbands- especially plain white ones. One can’t really wear too many of those at a time, so I decided to do something with them!  I got the inspiration and instructions from Martha’s blog. So while I was at the store, I got some really inexpensive fabric to make fabric flowers! I already had the headbands, glue gun, and buttons, so I paid less than 50 cents each headband! I like them a lot! The only problem was that I somehow managed to burn the side of my foot with the glue gun.
a couple of my favourites
                If you click on the link to Martha’s blog that I posted above, you can find the instructions to make them yourself. They’re way easier than you may think (but don’t burn your foot).