There are some seriously wonderful videos on YouTube.  I thought I would share a few of my favourites.  You might not think they’re funny at all, so sorry if that’s the case (sometimes people post something they think is hilarious but I just think it’s stupid, so I’m sure that’ll happen.). And since I have shared by best ones, post a link to your favourite in the comments!

Honourable mentions:
Newsies dance to Lady Gaga
Goofy Movie: After Today IRL
 Llamas with Hats trilogy

Number 3: Beyonce Clown.  Simple and classic. Not sure why there was a clown mask involved in the first place.

Number 2: Antoine Dodson. Pretty much everyone and their emu has seen this already, but it’s still wonderful.

(also see Antoine Dodson remix)

Number 1: Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version.  Basically the best thing ever, imho.  One time I was watching Glee with Katie Kyle and they started singing Total Eclipse of the Heart (non-literal version obv) and I almost cried laughing. “Emo kid is throwing slo-mo dove in my face. I guess that means that he just flipped me the bird”. 
(You have to go to the actual site to watch it. DO IT! IT’S WORTH IT!)