So I skipped one of my classes today… But hear me out! I finished my sewing lab an hour early (Also sewed through my finger in that one. Neat), so it was 5pm and my next class didn’t start until 6pm, so I had an hour that would be wasted. This was also the 6-8:30pm class that I can pretty much learn everything from by looking at the powerpoints. There was a huge basketball game (BYU won, ps) so there would probably be a ton of people missing anyway. Plus, I had a TON of homework.  I’m at the middle school all day tomorrow and then have to go to an American Heritage thing  for a few hours, so I also had to get most of Friday’s homework done.  Anyway, I just think that sometimes it’s a lot more productive to spend time out of class getting things done than in class wasting away and falling asleep. 

Speaking of falling asleep- the American Heritage lecture room is SO hot and stinky and gross when I get there. Then they turn out the lights. And I’m sleepy from eating lunch. Long story short, didn’t make it through that one today. Or last time. Maybe next week?