February is kind of the bomb. Reasons:

  • It’s the shortest month, so time just flies by! 
  • Every once in a while it has a magical mystical extra day! OooOoooOo!
  • It’s my birthday AND Valentines day. One the SAME DAY! (is it extra pressure for Sam, or extra awesome because he can kill two birds with one stone?)
  • At the end of February I will go down from 18 credits to 14, and that is a happy, happy thing. It will go from:

…to something like this

…which will be fantastic.
The worst part about being so busy isn’t so much having so much work to do, but that because there is so much to do I don’t get to play with Sam as much :( But there is just one more month (a short one!) of this excessive craziness! And it’s a good month, too!