Courtney pointed out how my “Whites go caaaamping!” post sounded like the race.  Little did she know that I already had a post just about that in my queue! Here’s what I had:

I have to be careful with my last name.  Sometimes I’ll write a sentence with it, and then realize how awful or funny or strange it sounds…

“Welcome, Whites!” (BUT NOBODY ELSE!)
“Whites- welcome to Canada!”  (Everyone else… meh)
“I love the Whites” (…I’m not a hater!)
“I love being a White” (Yeah, it’s pretty swell)
…and my favourite slip-up:
“…with the White clan” (I used to always say “hangin’ with the Brooks clan”, but I think I’ll go with “White fam”)


But here’s a precious last name story: in high school my friends and I had a “human Clue” party, where we dressed up like the characters and played the game on squares painted on the floor and whatnot.  I was Mrs. White. Little did I know… ;)