This year’s tree!
Last year as we browsed the Christmas tree lots, we were shocked at how pricey Christmas trees are!  Last week I was at the grocery store and saw that they were selling trees outside, and I was shocked at how not pricey they were!  Our 7 foot tree that we bought from the grocery store was the same price at the 2.5 foot one we got last year from a tree lot.  That was fantastic!
We also got the chance to go to my work Christmas party, Sam’s work Christmas party, eat gingerbread and hazelnut frozen yogurt (ohmybestflavoursever), sing with llamas (Ialmostcried), finish finals, and have our last days of work on BYU campus.  We get to have a bit of an early Christmas tomorrow with the White fam, and then we get to head up to visit the Brooks side in Canada!
Not going to lie, I always cry when I cross the Canadian border.  I’m really excited to see the rest of my family. Those little kidlettes who look SO grown up in the pictures I’ve seen.  It’s hard to believe that my nephew is now baptized, my oldest niece is so grown up, and my youngest niece doesn’t even seem like a baby anymore!  It’s also going to be so nice to take part in those family traditions that I grew up with in the same setting they’ve always had.  Christmas eve fondue, Christmas day gathering at Grandma Frache’s, Boxing Day gathering with the Brooks fam, and everything in between.  
I could go on and on about nostalgic things and everything I’m looking forward to, but now I’m just getting weepy, so I’ll just end for now and instead give a report on the goings-on once they happen.  I’ll see you soon, homeland!