April 21st- Salt Lake City Marathon (pacing, half)
June 9th- Utah Valley Marathon
June 15-16th- Ragnar Relay
June 23rd- AF Canyon (pacing, half)
July 7th- Hobbler Canyon Half
September 15th- Top of Utah Marathon
There may be more pacing opportunities added in there (hopefully), and obviously I need to find something for May and August ;D  Last year I race 4 halves and 1 full, and paced 1 half.  This year (so far) I have 2 full races, 1 half race, 3 halves to pace (1 done already), and a relay.  I’m thinking  of racing more halves, but only if I come across the right ones.
I wish I could say (like everyone else) that I’m totally loving this warm weather, but the early spring brought early allergies, infections, and illness.  I’m kind of a walking stumbling gong show, which has put a kink in my training.  Everything hurts in that achy, tired sort of way (Also I fell on the stairs and jacked up my knee and foot). I have my fingers crossed that the early onset of the bad kind of Spring Fever also means it will be an early passing.  I do like feeling the sun and all, though.  And I’m always a happy camper when the summer produce is in season. 
Another exciting April event is graduation!  Sam is getting his degree in business/HR, which is very exciting.  My parents are also coming down to visit and see him walk. I already posted this news on facebook, but I’m going to be done soon too!  We thought I wouldn’t be able to graduate until December at the earliest (along with 8 classes and an internship), which really wasn’t working with our plans.  I went and talked to one of the BYU advisers about options, and we figured out a way for me to be done classes in June. 6 months early, and with only 3 classes?  YES, PLEASE!  I might get to walk next month too, but it depends on if my ceremony is at the same time as Sam’s (and I’d rather be at his than mine, haha).  
And just to make this post more interesting, here is a picture of what I want for a graduation present:
I may or may not check petfinder.com daily to browse through potential running buddies.  Unfortunately we still live in a silly apartment that doesn’t even allow fish, but a girl can dream, right?   
PS: Is it normal that at least 4 nights a week I have dreams about people trying to kill me?  It’s exhausting.