I’ve been having some problems with my hip the past few weeks.  It pops when I walk, and is extremely painful when I walk more than half a mile, or run at all.  That doesn’t mesh well with marathon training.  On Friday I went to a chiropractor who specialized in sports injuries.  Long story short, I’m out for running for at least a month and can’t do any sort exercise involving my lower body for at least two weeks.  What does this mean?  Well, I’ll be doing a lot of upper body and core work for the next month.  It also means that I have to sell my marathon race bib.  Even if my hip was ok to run by then (which it probably wouldn’t be), I wouldn’t have sufficient training to not likely jack myself up more.  It also means I might not be able to do the Ragnar that was supposed to be the week after the marathon, or pace the half marathon the week after that.  Let’s just say that I’m not a happy camper.  When I’ve been putting in 50+ miles of running a week to be ready for an event, only to get injured a month before and not be able to do it, it’s really disappointing.  The half I was going to race in July is going to suffer too.  I was expecting a PR on that course.  I was also expecting a PR on this marathon course.  My little secret is that I have been training to qualify for Boston this year (you have to run a certain time– 3:35 in my case– on a qualified marathon course to even be able to register).  I would have been able to pull off a 3:45 or 3:40 at this race if all went well, and then hopefully the 3:35 in my September marathon.  With missing this much “conditioning” to start training for the September marathon, I can’t see that attempt safely succeeding.

The shoes I ordered pre-injury that are coming tomorrow, but I now can’t wear for a while :(

Anyway, I’m really sad and angry that I’m missing my marathon and pacing the half, as well as possibly missing Ragnar, a half PR, and qualifying for Boston.  The plus side is that with proper treatment I will some day be back to where I was– just not as quickly as I wish.
Anyway, there’s my explanation for why there won’t be as many race recaps this year.  I guess I’ll just have to make up for it next year.