Several months ago I decided to do another half marathon.  I hadn’t done one in almost two years, since I got pregnant before racing season last year, and I was lazy/tired and didn’t want to run a lot while pregnant (I went hiking with the dog instead. Less bouncing).  So needless to say, I was in pretty poor running shape starting out!  I was basically starting back at the very beginning.  In hindsight, I really, really wish that I had kept up my running because it would have been a ton easier than “rebuilding”.

It was really frustrating for me to go from placing in the top 10% to struggling to run even half as fast and long as I used to. I ended up having to just forget about my past abilities, or I’d just end each run feeling disappointed.  I did keep in mind, however, that I’ve done it before, and I can get there again.

Training was sparse.  There were several illnesses and injuries that made me miss weeks at a time.  With Sam being extremely busy with school and work, there were some days that I literally had zero time to run.  For a little while I would go to the gym at like 2am once Eleanor would be sure to sleep a few hours, but I soon found out that the treadmill was giving me shin splints. But I did what I could, got up to a long enough run that I was confident I would finish, and that was that!

My parents came down to Spokane a few days before the race, which was awesome! I had just developed an awful cold, so having some extra help with Eleanor meant a little extra sleep.  The night before the race my mom had a sleepover with her so that I could just sleep through the night. I didn’t know that she was going to sleep on the floor!

2014-06-01 05.50.16

The starting line was pretty close to our house, so Sam just dropped me off.  It was a pretty hot day, but it wasn’t windy, so I was happy.  The race was really pretty and interesting– it went along the Spokane River Trail from the valley into Riverfront Park.  The aid stations were well manned and prepared, they had lots of course markings and marshals to help with traffic, and there were lots of very enthusiastic spectators!


The race had started late due to bus issues, which ended up being a good thing!  The time estimate that I gave to Sam and my parents was pretty off! I had guessed based on my training runs, but I finished almost 20 minutes faster than I thought I would!  They had only been at the finish line for a few minutes when I came in. It’s always nice having people there specifically for you! 


Eleanor wasn’t all that impressed, but the medal was cool!



Overall, I’m pleased with finishing, and finishing faster than I thought I would.  I still want to get back to where I was before in terms of speed- but at least I have the half marathon distance down! Now, on to the full!