Our family had a blast in Orlando last month!  Sam’s parents were so generous to take us all on vacation as a sort of last hurrah before Kiersten leaves on her LDS mission to Japan.  The very best part was getting to spend time with everyone– but Orlando was a pretty awesome place to do it!


Love these guys!

We went to both Disney World and Universal Studios.  Both were really neat!  Unfortunately I couldn’t go on most of the rides since I was 32 weeks pregnant, but there was still a ton to see and explore.  I definitely want to go back someday and hit all the crazy rides!  I LOVE roller coasters, river rapids, tower drops…

Eleanor was pretty hesitant about most of the rides.  She just really didn’t like it when it was dark and enclosed and had loud noises.  But she had a blast with a few things– and most of them had to do with animals!

In Jurassic Park at Universal they have some really lifelike dinosaur exhibits.  She was in awe and just kept pointing and exclaiming at everything.

IMG_3056IMG_3067  IMG_3063Eleanor was also a big fan of the aquarium!  It was also very nice and air conditioned, so we were good with spending a bunch of time resting there :)  I thought that she might get scared when the really big stuff came right up to the glass, but she loved it!

IMG_3223 IMG_3243We also found a playground area with some fun stuff.  It was a hit!

We basically tossed her into the ball pit because it was a long way down and adults weren’t supposed to go in.  She had never been in one before, so we weren’t sure what she would think of it.  She landed way down in the balls with her face down, laid there for a few seconds, and then just exploded up in the air with the biggest smile on her face, holding up two of the balls.  It was hard to get her to come out after!IMG_3154

IMG_3157I think that Eleanor’s favourite thing was the petting zoo in Animal Kingdom!  I’ve been wanting to take her to one for a while, and as expected, she loved it!  I’ll have to find a good petting zoo around Spokane to take her to!


My favourite attraction was probably the Harry Potter stuff!  They had Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and some of the other stuff from London.  There was so much detail and little hidden gems there!  I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since elementary school and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read the books, so it was really cool to be there!





Here are a few of my favourite pictures and moments from the trip-



She enjoyed the carousal for the first 30 seconds. Not so much a fan for the rest of it.


She liked the parades- lots of music and people to wave at!


Auntie Kiersten– we’re going to miss her so much!



Thanks again Mom and Dad White!  It was really an amazing vacation, and we so appreciate the chance to go!