Summer has been flying by!  Eleanor has been growing right on schedule! She’s going to be eight months old next week, and is a little over 15 pounds now.  She’s getting really good at pulling herself up to stand and walk along the furniture.  


1 month vs 7 months

We’ve had a blast giving her solid foods.  She makes fantastic faces with everything!  I’ve been posting some of the pictures on facebook, but I’ve also gotten some great videos of her first tastes.  I’m planning on putting them into a short little video of the best reactions.  We were surprised to find that she actually really loves feta cheese! (Don’t worry, it was pasteurized). 



Sam has been kept busy with a few summer classes, working for his dad, and his internship at the US Attorney’s Office.  I love crime television shows, so it’s also fun for me to hear about some of the crazy cases he works on.  

We’ve been so blessed to have lots of visitors this summer, too!  We always love to have some company.  I think it made time go by even faster since there was always another “staycation” coming up.


Of course we busted out a puzzle when my grandma came!

That’s about it!  There hasn’t been a ton going on lately.  Just growing baby, working dad, tired content mom!